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Privacy Policy

Latincita.com does not request any personal data (or data of any kind) from it's visitors.   It does not gather any statistics.   It does not use cookies to collect any data on it's vistors.   The designer has done his best to ensure that all ASP.Net features that could potentially generate any cookies have been turned off.  

Please note that LATINCITA.COM uses an embeded YouTube player to present YouTube videos.   It is important to realize that the embedded YouTube video player runs outside of LATINCITA.COM.   Anything that happens or appears in the video player is completely outside the knowledge and control of LATINCITA.COM.   When visitors click inside the video player, they are no longer inside LATINCITA.COM, they are in YouTube.   Any requests for validation or input or feeback come from YouTube and have nothing to do with LATINCITA.COM.   YouTube does not provide any feedback to LATINCITA.COM.   The only information LATINCITA.COM requests and receives related to videos viewed in the embedded YouTube player, is the length and current playing position of the video.  

Please note that LATINCITA.COM only receives data from YouTube.   It does not explicitly send any data in any shape or form back to YouTube.  

Here you can find the Google Privacy Policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy

Here you can find YouTube's Terms of Service: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms

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