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Terms of Service

LATINCITA.COM is a place on the Internet for Latincita to showcase her Music and Live-Performances.   Its sole pupose is to entertain her fans world-wide.   Latincita has never earned one single cent from this site.   This is not in any way a comercial site, nor is it a site for an artist that makes a living with her art.   Latincita does not even earn enough per year to pay the costs of this site.   She is an experienced professional singer; she just hasn't found a way to earn any serious money with her singing.  

To be clear, this site does not generate any revenue, and all its content is free to use.  

LATINCITA.COM is what it is.   ...karaoke's streamed via YouTube, with Laticita doing the vocals.   Plus live performances on her own or with her various orchestra's.   Enjoy, but realize that regardless of how many fans visit her site, Latincita won't receive one cent for all her hard work.  

In terms of YouTube, please note that this site uses the YouTube Data API to retrieve lists of video's related to each song on this site.   The visitor can select any of these videos, and view them via an embedded YouTube video player.   The information retrieved from YouTube is presented exactly as it is received from the YouTube Data API.   The YouTube Data API is only used to retrieve lists of videos, no information is explicitly passed back to YouTube.   The order it is presented to the visitor is exactly as it is received from YouTube.   Nothing is filtered or changed or reordered in any way.  

The embedded YouTube video player is fully controlled by YouTube.   If YouTube requests a login, or gathers statics, this happens completely outside the knowledge and control of LATINCITA.COM .   The only information LATINCITA.COM requests and receives related to videos viewed in the embedded YouTube player, is the length and current playing position of the video.  

Please note that the embedded YouTube video player runs outside of LATINCITA.COM.   Anything that happens or appears in the video player is completely outside the knowledge and control of LATINCITA.COM.   When visitors click inside the video player, they are no longer inside LATINCITA.COM, they are in YouTube.   Any advertisment or whatever appears has nothing to do with LATINCITA.COM.   This comes from YouTube, and any revenue generated goes directly to YouTube, and not to Latincita.  

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